Spark Up Your Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Ladies and Gentleman!

There are many nutritional ways to spark your romance with your love. From ancient times till today certain foods are believed to have powerful effects to spike up any relationship. Those foods are called aphrodisiac!

With so many product out there to boost your sexual health try to be careful with what you purchase! Remember; the more natural the better!

Herbalife line offers a special product for male to support sexual health; *Prelox Blue. This one is formulated with extract of French maritime pine bark. It doesn’t get more natural than this!

I leave you here a list of aphrodisiac foods. This valentine spike up your day by trying one of these foods and let the magic happen!

19 Aphrodisiac Foods


Chili Peppers



Bananas (triggers testosterone production)

Honey (contains boron which help regulate estrogen and testosterone)

Coffee (ups the heart rate and makes blood flow)

Watermelon (has a viagra like effect on the body! Relaxes blood vessels + improves circulation)

Pine nuts (high in zinc which is linked to a healthy sex drive)


Olive oil (Greeks believed it made men more virile. Its fats are critical for a healthy heart)

Figs (full of potassium and are an antioxidant powerhouse)

Strawberries (high in vitamin C which helps keep blood flowing to all regions)

Artichokes (packed with vitamins and antioxidants)

Chai-tea (the spices, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon get the blood flowing)

Pomegranate (filled with antioxidants)

Cherries (filled with vitamin A, C, E, folate, iron, and melatonin)

Pumpkin Seeds (high in magnesium which helps raise testosterone)


Keeping you healthy,

Nutritionist Ana Pamela Baron

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.