Herbalife for Xmas

Hello Ladies and Gents!

We are officially 16 days away from Xmas! With that said lets try to stay healthy before our big celebration. On average; Americans gain about 5 lbs. or more during the holidays! So let’s try to stay away from this group and keep ourselves healthy all the way through the holiday. When New Years come it’s always a time to set New Goals and New Resolutions. But wouldn’t you love to start the 2015 feeling energized and happy with your accomplishments of 2014? If loosing a few pounds is your goal; start working hard! Take control of your nutrition and give yourself the best nutrition possible.

Here are a couple of tips for you:
-Weight yourself
-Set realistic goals for your weight. Remember baby steps for great success.
-Start counting calories
-Use a food diary and track your food intake
-Be more active! Go for long walks, do a couple of sit-ups and walking lunges.

Most importantly take control of your nutrition and what better way to do it then using Herbalife? Herbalife offers you so multiple ways to stay in control of your calories offering you at the same time the best nutrition possible. Start using their shakes in the morning and the evening. Use their snacks (*Protein Bars, Roasted Soy Nuts, Beverage Mix, Soup Mix) and stay away from unhealthy snacking.  Just give it a try!  You wont be disappointed by the results! And if you need more  encouragement and someone to help you stay in track just go to Power Up Nutrition with our amazing leader Lyda Ibarra. She will take you in the right path for weight loss! Good Luck !

Keeping you healthy,

Nutritionist Ana Pamela Baron

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